Nepal Earthquake 2015 – Final Relief Fund Update

We apologize for the delay in this Relief Fund update – life certainly has a way of getting between us and our ‘To-Do’ lists, doesn’t it?

Despite our tardiness, we are very happy to report that, thanks to your amazing generosity, Preeti and Unika’s school tuition and fees will now be covered for the next two years!


Here they are, all ready for school! (Photo by Sunil Tamang)


Your support will help their family redirect funds to rebuild their earthquake-damaged home, and the quality education Preeti and Unika will receive as a result of your donation dollars is certainly a gift that will keep on giving. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the girls do too…


(Photos by Sunil Tamang)


Of course, two years’ tuition is a good start, but it will not carry them through their entire education. If you are interested in long-term sponsorship, please contact Brenna ( and she will put you in touch with people who can tell you more about what long-term educational sponsorship entails. Drew’s mother, Barbara, sponsored the education of our dear friend Sunil (Preeti and Unika’s cousin, you’ve read about him on the blog before) from the time he was 10 years old all the way through to the earning of his recent Bachelor’s degree, and found it a very rewarding experience, indeed! Here are Barbara and Sunil this past Fall, trekking in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal together…


If long-term sponsorship is not feasible, but you are still looking for ways to help Nepal, we highly encourage you to do so. Although you don’t hear much about Nepal in the international news these days, reconstruction is moving slowly and there is still much work to be done. There are many organizations on the ground doing good work that could use your help – check out our list of recommended organizations to find links to their websites. And Sunil is spearheading an ambitious project to rebuild 22 destroyed houses in his home village of Syaphru Bensi this Spring that also needs support. Check out the #RebuildOldSyaphru project website here to learn more.

And for the very last time, here are the numbers from our relief fund-
Funds raised since our last update (October 5, 2015): $1,082.39
Total funds raised: $14,182.75
Funds spent since our last update (October 5, 2015): $4,413.14
Total funds spent: $14,182.75
Funds remaining: $0

Thank you, again, for your incredible generosity towards the people of Nepal. It has been a very moving experience to see our family and friends come together to help those in need, and we are forever grateful for all that you’ve done. THANK YOU!





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