Did I Ever Mention…? (Part II)

(CONTINUED FROM “Did I Ever Mention…? (Part I))

Did I ever mention the many silly names of Nepali bottled water brands? There were so many, but some of the best were: “Aqua Hundred, Aquafresh, My Aqua,” and “Aqua Smile.” There was also the chipper “Today’s!” and the slightly less enthusiastic “O.K.” My personal favorites, though, were “Thrist-ta” and “AAHA”…



Next to water, I drank my weight in tea. Especially black tea with a spoonful of sugar – simple, but oh so addictive. Here I added a few pieces of ginger to spice things up…


And a note to those of you who enjoy a cocktail every now and again: If you ask for your gin and tonic “with ice,” you’ll definitely get it WITH ICE…



The mini-ice buckets were certainly unnecessary, but I also found them quite charming, I must say.

Speaking of gin and tonics, did I ever mentioned the time I found these little gems from the ’80’s in our neighborhood bar? Looks like George Michael truly made a name for himself ALL OVER the world back in his heyday… HA! HA!


Did I ever mention the Western-style café around the corner from our house? Café Soma, our home away from home. The same waiters were there day in and day out – they didn’t provide the most efficient service, BUT they were very sweet and always smiling…


And lastly, did I ever mention the ‘Secret Bakery?!’ As you may or may not have guessed, Nepal isn’t known for its fantastic bread. In fact, it’s quite hard to find a decent loaf, and after a few weeks of going without, this bread junkie was going through withdrawal. Luckily, I ran into my new British ex-pat friend, Charlotte, on my way home from the studio one day and she gave me the scoop. As we walked along, I mentioned my longing for a decent loaf of bread. “You don’t know about the ‘Secret Bakery’ do you?” she asked. Wait – WHAT? There’s an actual BAKERY? And it’s nearby!?

She led me down a small side street, just across from the British School, to what appeared to be just a regular house…


No sign, no indication that this was a business at all – nothing. But, following Charlotte’s lead, I took off my shoes and just walked right in! We went through a small hallway, turned a corner and then… (insert a chorus of angels’ voices singing here)…. there it was:


Apple pie, loaves of REAL bread, calzones, quiche, cinnamon buns – OH MY! Turns out the Nepali baker who lived and worked here spent time apprenticing with an Italian baker, so this was the real deal. Oh, happy day! Drew and I enjoyed these delicious baked goods up until the very end of our trip – a little comfort food from home never hurts!

Oh, yeah! And one more thing – did I ever mention that I am the most long-winded blogger EVER? (But you’ve probably already figured that out by now, haven’t you?!) I think this post of random bits is just about long enough – if you are, in fact, still reading, I thank you!

I’ll be back soon with just a few more things about Nepal, and then we’ll be moving on to la belle France! Namaste and au revoir!

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